Email Marketing

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With the rise of digital marketing, it has become essential to explore different braches associated with it to reach a maximum number of desired customers/audience for a brand. Email marketing is one such branch of Digital Marketing and also among the oldest. Email marketing consists of sending an email containing a commercial message targeting a particular group of people. Though Email Marketing is considered to be less effective than other potential strategies of digital marketing, it is however believed to be a more effective solution to marketing as well as communicating with a larger audience online.

Email marketing has certainly evolved over the past few years. With the rise of digital age, communication through emails has become far more evident. No matter what social media or any other application you use an email is essentially required for processes such as verifications, notifications, alerts and more importantly feedback. Email marketing is believed to be a very cost effective method to market a product directly to the potential customer. With email marketing it is possible to view instantly a customer’s response which results in a much clearer idea your business’s stance in a very significantly cheap and fast manner.

We at WEBYSTUDIO aim to provide effective email marketing solution to help you build your brand with happy customers. Our services include:

  • Transactional emails also known as relationship emails designed to communicate a particular action with the customer such as purchasing or ordering details, receipts etc.
  • Direct emails which specifically refer to sending a promotional message such as a special offer or new product launch etc.
  • Mobile email marketing which is solely developed to attract traffic from smartphones or tablet users.
  • Opt-in email advertising also known as permission marketing is to send an advertisement email after the recipient has consented to receive it. It can be in the form of newsletters, promotional material etc.
  • Customized design and layout of the advertisement.